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Formed out of an unlikely marriage between physical anthropology and mechanical 
engineering, Paleo-Tech seeks to bring the professional scientist the finest measurement 
technology available. Specializing in custom and commercially available instruments, 
Paleo-Tech is committed to serving the research community. Since 1995, Paleo-Tech has 
been providing specialized instrumentations to anthropologists and forensic professionals 
world-wide. To date, Paleo-Tech has manufactured over 7,000 instruments which are used 
in university classrooms, forensic laboratories, medical examiner's offices, and government 
agencies here in the U.S. And abroad.Paleo-Tech manufactures and distributes instruments 
used in osteology, physical anthropology, bioanthropology, bioarchaeology, forensic 
anthropology, and the forensic sciences.

NAICS: 332212, 334513
Who Am I - Jim Kondrat
Paleo-Tech Concepts, Inc. is a one man company.  I have no employees and though my shop is small, it includes all the equipment and tools necessary to bring you the finest measuring instruments available.  My undergraduate degree is Finance from Bradley University.  I received my Master of Arts in Anthropology from Northern Illinois University under the Guidance of Professor Fred Smith, now at Illinois State University.  I am a machinist and anthropologist.  Every Paleo-Tech instrument that you see on these pages was designed by me and tested by my customers.  Some have evolved through the years, and the others may as well.  I continue to welcome the advice of my colleagues who are in the field so that I can bring them the best measurement solutions available.  Finally, I am an Iraq veteran and retired from the US Army in August of 2010.  Paleo-Tech Concepts is registered with the Department of Veteran Affairs as a Veteran Owned Small Business and is registered to do business with the federal government.

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What to Expect
You will notice that this Web site is a work in progress. That will always be the case. Because Paleo-Tech was formed to bring cutting edge technology to the osteometrician, my products will not remain static. I will continue to seek new design concepts in the Paleo-Tech product line and continuously search for the best values available on the commercial market.  All Paleo-Tech instruments are made to order.  I strive to expedite every order, however I ask for you patience.  Each instrument takes many hours of machining to create and while Anthropology is a niche market, my store front is open to the world and I am frequently very busy with orders.  If you need something by a certain date, please let me know and I will get it to you in time.  Mitutoyo and SPI instruments are normally available immediately or within a few days of your order.

Why I am Here
For years, osteometric researchers have been constrained by the lack of availability in precision measuring instruments. This lack of availability has created a monopoly for manufacturers who could demand exorbitant prices. This monopoly has also created a stagnation in the evolution of osteometric measurement technology. The combination of these factors has forced the researcher into purchasing overpriced, under-engineered instruments. Recognizing consumer concerns is only the first step. To really understand those concerns the developer of any new product must first live them. I have founded Paleo-Tech Concepts as a result of performing osteometric research first hand through
Northern Illinois University's Masters program in anthropology. A scientist by education and machinist by vocation, I have decided to address the current lack of choice available to today's researcher. I have vowed to provide the highest quality, best engineered, and most reasonably priced instruments to student and research professional alike.
My Credentials
Academic Focus
Shortly after deciding that physical anthropology was my sub-field of choice, I became more and more interested in the crania and the supra-orbital region in particular. Listening to a colleague of mine, Chris Vinyard now at Duke, practice a paper to be given at the AAPA meetings gave rise to my thesis. His paper involved an examination of supra-orbital structure and function, which led me to focus on an apparent contributor to that region, the frontal sinus. Often pointed to as a distinct, if not identifying, character in Neanderthals, the supra-orbital tori in this group are extremely pneumanized and I hoped to glean some understanding of the mechanism under which these structures appear. You can download my thesis here:

2011 AAPA Poster

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